Board Biographies

Nancy DeWitt
Board Member
SCHS Graduate
B.A. Binghamton University

Carolyn Flanagan
Board Member
Retired teacher
BA in Education from Marywood University

Ellen Flanagan
Foundation Secretary
Principal of Bronx Prep South High School in New York City
BA from Lemoyne University
EDD from Columbia University

Michael Flanagan
Foundation Treasurer
BA from Cornell University
LLB from University of Michigan

Kevin Gush
Board Member
Faculty Member, Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida
BA from Newman University
MA from North West Missouri State University

John Kukowski
Board Member
SCHS Graduate
B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology
M.S. Rochester Institute of Technology

Melissa Kukowski
Board Associate
SCHS Graduate
B.S. University of Pittsburgh

Kathleen Marr
Board Member
Fashion Stylist in Nashville, Tennessee

Daniel Morrissey, O.P.
Board Member
Faculty Member at Columbia University Medical School
Theology and philosophy degrees from Domincan Universities in U.S. and France

Claire O'Neil Parekh
Board Member
BA from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Joan O'Neil
Foundation Vice-President
BA from University of California-Berkeley.
MA from Johns Hopkins University

Mark O'Neil
Board Member
BA from Rollins College
MBA from Cornell University

Roger O'Neil
Foundation President
BS from University of Notre Dame
MBA from Cornell University